5 Reasons to Bring a Blanket to Your Winter Session

January 31, 2018

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February is knocking at our doors and it’s cold, ya’ll. I have never been a winter person and my heart struggles to find the joy in the cold weather. I’m a summer loving gal who loves the beach and loves to plant flowers. Well, me and the flowers are cold. But, there are a few amazing benefits of the cold weather. My favorite being blankets! At the Miller house hold, we literally own 50 million blankets. A gal can never have too many from Target. So, I’m going to focus on one of my favorite parts of winter, and give you the 5 reasons you should bring a cozy blanket to your winter session. I’m also sharing with you some of my favorite snuggly shots from past cool weather shoots.

1. Baby, it’s cold outside. Like, really, really cold.

In my experience, although it may be super cold for your session, you aren’t going to want to wear that huge and fluffy insulated jacket. Cute outfits are’t always the warmest. I know the warmest jacket I have resembles the Marshmallow Man. A lot of my couples decide to brave the cold for the little while they spend with me. This is why blankets can be SO good. It’s honestly serving a purpose of keeping you warmer than you were a few seconds ago.


2. All the snuggles.

You may be a tad nervous about posing for your session. How are you going to stand? What if he’s awkward? Will you be able to remember all those Pinterest pictures? Relax. Your photographer knows exactly how to pose you and will keep you in the moment, forgetting about how to pose. But, rest assured that with a blanket, snuggles are inevitable. You can’t help but cuddle up extremely close to your guy when you’re all wrapped up cozy in a warm blanket. It will bring out the hugs, kisses and a bunch of giggles.

3. It captures exactly what you’re feeling.

You’ll be able to look back at that photograph and remember exactly how you felt. Warm, snuggled up, laughing, kissing- all of it. It shows in your photos that it was cooler weather. Cool enough to snuggle up in a blanket and get cozy. It’s something you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


4. You can lay on them!

Some of my favorite poses are snuggled up, laying down shots. It offers a unique perspective and is sure to get some giggles. The best part about bringing a blanket is that you don’t have to lay on the grass. You won’t get grass in your hair, and it’s a ton more comfy and way cuter!

5. Blanket scarves count as blankets. And that’s fantastic.

I am one of the first gals to bring out my blanket scarves during the cooler seasons. And winter sessions are the perfect time for your scarf accessory. My absolute favorite thing about them is their namesake. They turn into a blanket when you need them to! Often, I’ll grab a blanket scarf and wrap it around a couple during their session. You would never know that just seconds ago it was a gorgeous and warm accessory. Now it’s a blankey. Best thing ever!

Now that I’ve convinced you to incorporate a snuggly blanket in your winter session, hopefully that will make planning it a little bit easier. And if you need to go shopping at Target or Home Goods to find that perfect blanket- it makes it all the better. (Just don’t tell TJ that I may be buying another blanket. And pillows.. And all of Target.)


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