Bringing Your Pet to a Session

February 9, 2018

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In the Miller household, our pets are literally our fur babies. TJ and I don’t have any two legged kiddos (besides the chickens) yet, but we do have some fluffy canine and feline friends that are our children. So, I absolutely know how amazing your sweet fluffy friend is and how much you love them. So, the question arises- Should I bring my pet to my session? Here’s some things to think on before you include them in a photo session.

1. It’s a great way to include them in your wedding!

You’ve seen the flower crowned puppy ring bearers and the groomsman lab who walks down the isle, and we all love it! But, sometimes including your best friend in your wedding can be a little too stressful for them and for you. Who’s going to take care of them? Where will they stay when people are eating? What if they have to go potty? All these are valid questions. So, you’ve decided to let them stay at home in their puppy beds for the big day. The BEST way to include your four legged baby is through photographs. You can always print some photos of them and use them as decor pieces. I always tell my couples that they are more than welcome to bring their pets to their engagement session. All the puppy kisses are welcome!

2. Does the location of your photo shoot allow pets?

Some venues are pretty strict on the ‘no dogs allowed’ rule. This is something you have to consider before including your dog in a shoot. If you’ve already selected your venue, make sure to read up on their rules and guide lines. Also, ask your photographer if they know the policy on pets. Most parks and lake areas are doggy friendly. Just make sure to bring some poopy bags just in case! 😉

3. Will your pet be comfortable and calm for the session?

If you know your pet is fearful of other people or dogs, then you may want to leave them at home. If he’s constantly nervous or anxious, a photo shoot may not be the best time to teach a dog about the world around them. You want your pet to be as comfortable and as calm as you are. Excitement is totally expected and normal for pets, but make sure their energy is a positive one when out in public.

4. Have a pet wrangler to bring along!

For all sessions, you are going to want images of just you. Your photographer will capture some gorgeous shots with your pet, but when you’re going solo you need a friend to take charge and be the handler. A friend or family member who your dog knows would be the perfect selection for wrangler. Plus, the pet wrangler will get to see some behind the scenes of your shoot and that’s alway so much fun!

5. Don’t forget the accessories!

Give me all the puppy bow ties, bandannas, pretty collars and bows! You’re getting dressed up for the special occasion, so why shouldn’t your best friend? I am a strong believer in pet accessories and have no shame in the fact that our huge Boxer wears a bow tie every single day. Your pet knows when they look fancy and that something exciting is about to happen. Oh, and doggy flower collar wreaths are a thing. Seriously. Pinterest it. BEST EVER.

I hope this little list gives you an idea on if you want your forever friend to join you to your session. Now you can enjoy all the Bluebell pets below! So, so much love!


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