I work with classic southern brides and naturally inspired seniors who are seeking quiet moments in life and a little peace of mind.

I  show them how to have more intentional moments while sprinkling in a little fun and laughter to document timeless snapshots in their lives, without all the technological buzz. I snag special memories that invoke feelings of a simpler time where love was something written in letters and in the stories our grandmother told. I turn stressful times into meaningful history with a camera, photographs and some heartfelt faith.

Bring on all the Allie and Noah love story feels. Let's work together and document your intentional story.


You’re a southern gal and you’ve got a crazy busy schedule. Do you ever just need to get back to a slower pace? A quiet, front porch swinging kind of life where you can make memories that last?

Oh, you're in just the right place, friend.

I love this sweet guy! TJ and I met in high school at the sweet age of 17. We dated for a few years and tied the knot in 2015 at Boone Hall Plantation. (This is totally our humble brag. Boone Hall is known for being Allie's summer home in the Notebook.) In present days we are puppy, kitten and chicken parents. We spend most of our time Netflixing and figuring out what we want to eat.

my husband

I know you've already guessed this one by now. Charleston is our absolute favorite! TJ and I spend so much time in this perfect city, that if it wasn't for our sweet animals we might not want to come home. We know the ins and outs, the best places to eat, which historic sites to visit, and where the quietest beaches are.


Our sweet boy! We rescued Soldier from the animal shelter the day before his kill date. This 11 year old boxer mix is made up of 99% love and 1% pizza. He loves to wear his collar and loses his marbles when he gets to visit his grandparents. He loves everyone, and gives thousands of kisses. Yes, thousands.

soldier franklin

Ziva Lily Poogan has been a new and sweet chapter of my life. This pup is all things crazy. She can't handle the words "need to go potty?" and will run circles with excitement. She's a constant talking girl and gives 10 different octaves of "roo-roo." She also has a passion for trying to get the cats to chase her rope toy around the coffee table in a circle. It's a success about 50% of the time. Go Ziva!

Ziva lily

Our sweet cottage has been a labor of love for 3 years. We've remodeled our kitchen, dining room and bedroom by our selves. YES. Just us and family. It's had its good and bads. Believe me, remodeling a home as newlyweds is not for the faint of heart. But, TJ and I are still married and alive. We've got a little more work to do, but we love the Charleston inspired home it's become.

our home

Call me the crazy plant and flower lady because I am her. My grandmother, MeMe- is a flower and plant natural. Her yard is always filled with gorgeous flowers, and I know my love for greenery comes from her. All spring you can find me planting away in the front yard of our little cottage. You can never have too many flowers. 


Give me any kind of lemonade and I'm a happy camper. Blackberry, strawberry, watermelon. I love it all. TJ doesn't even have to ask what I want when we order food. He knows that lemonade will be my drink. My personal favorite is Chick-fil-a lemonade. How do they make it so perfect every time? Oh Chick-fil-a, you kindhearted and polite people, you.


The Mill House is the ultimate building of pink in Charleston, and I love it. We stayed here for our wedding night and it always has my heart. I love all things pink! But, I'm not into super hot pink and prefer soft hues and corals. And if we're being 100% for real, my favorite color is actually a mint teal. But, the shade of the Mill House makes my heart so very happy.

pink things

I'm throwing it back 7 years in black and white. I've been riding and showing horses since I was 6 years old. We currently have 3 horses in our barn and they love to make a guest appearance if we shoot around the farm. I want to make time for these sweet ponies again. I also feel like buying a mini donkey is somewhere in my future.



Things I love

icebreaker style.

My Quiz Results

1. If you were a disney princess, who would you be?

a. rapunzel
b. ariel
C. tiana
D. moana

2. does pineapple go on pizza?

a. yes
b. yes
c. heck yes.

3. Which animal scares you the most?

a. spiders
b. snakes
C. lobsters
D. electric eels

4. which is the best day ever?

a. a day at home napping
b. visiting the best garden ever
C. a beach day
D. A day exploring charleston

5. Favorite drink

a. water
b. grape crush
C. lemonade
D. ginger ale

6. Which  90's boyband do you love?

a. 98 Degrees
b. backstreet boys
D. dream street 

7. what's your Favorite TV Show?

a. The Flash
b. once upon a time
C. when calls the heart
D. The Big Bang Theory

8. What would your superpower be?

a. super speed
b. mind reading
C. super strength
D. control the weather

9. famous person you'd most like to meet?

a. Julia engel
b. candace cameron bure
C. Joanna gaines
D. angela lanter

Get married to TJ at boone hall plantation

my bucket list

travel to wales

my bucket list

go on a boat ride from Hilton Head to Savannah

run the pledge for pink

Have a joanna gaines inspired garden

my bucket list

Travel with TJ to Ireland

create and run a cut flower farm 

Go on a boat ride in santorini

Visit magnolia in waco, Texas

my bucket list

Build the perfect greenhouse for all my flowers

my bucket list


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"Ashlynn did an amazing job with our pictures! She's very instructive and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out. She's very talented and professional. We will definitely be booking more sessions in the future!"

We couldn't be happier

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"My senior experience was magical. Ashlynn truly made sure my photoshoot was nothing short of amazing. I explained my theme to her and she brought everything together exactly like I had imagined."  - Anna

Ashlynn made sure my photo shoot was amazing.

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