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You're spending late nights studying and planning for prom— all while deciding your future. All you dream about is summer time, sandy toes, sunshine and taking a well deserved nap. Your senior portraits don't have to be another to-do on your graduation list. Enjoy the moments and take in the last year of your high school career. Let's plan something naturally good. I can't wait to meet you.

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there is beauty in simplicity.

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I send you my exclusive online senior magazine and brochure. This has all the details about your senior experience. It includes tips on how to get ready, wardrobe ideas, professional hair and makeup and collection prices. 

We'll meet up at a locally owned coffee shop. This is where I answer any questions you have and we begin the planning. We'll decide on locations, talk about wardrobe, go over hair and makeup and choose your dates. 

All of my seniors book a professional hair and makeup artist for their day. The artist ensures that you don't have to stress about a bad hair day or runny eye liner. She listens to what you want, and creates a style that reflects you. After hair and makeup, we head out to the location and spend 2 hours laughing and documenting some amazing moments.

the process is simple. i guide you through what to wear, locations, hair and makeup and posing. Que the ryan gosling picture—girl, you know i'm here for you. 



3. your shoot


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Laughter. Captivating style. Southern inspired. Cheerful. Relaxed. Meaningful.


Deluxe Senior Session

two seasons session

destination session

pricing begins at $500 - destination travel add on starting at $100

My senior experience was magical. Ashlynn truly made sure my photo shoot was nothing short of amazing. I explained my theme to her and she brought everything together exactly like I had imagined.

"she brought everything together exactly like I had imagined."


kind words

My senior experience has been one for the books. Along with the stress of getting my college stuff set up, I have been able to make some great memories and met some great people! I'm so glad Bluebell could be there to capture the essence of my senior year!

"I'm so glad Bluebell could be there to capture the essence of my senior year!"


kind words

From the first meeting in Starbucks, I was sold on Ashlynn. She was a relatable, down to earth, sweet girl that loved to take beautiful pictures. My senior pictures turned out amazing, and I am so in love with them. The quality of the pictures are phenomenal! I gained more than pictures from this experience. I gained a friend.

"I gained more than pictures from this experience. I gained a friend."


kind words

5 years

146 seniors

4 senior teams

Frequently asked questions and answers

what others have wondered

I encourage seniors to book the summer in between their junior and senior year.

Two season sessions are two sessions in two seasons. You get to pick which seasons are your favorite-- spring and fall, winter and summer. You get to mix it up however you want.

will i RECEIVE prints and albums with my collection?

Prints are included in a custom rose gold and glass keep sake box with my top collection as well as a $200 album credit.

how will the images be DELIVERED?

You'll receive an online gallery with hand edited images. These are yours to download, share, create favorites for your album and order prints and products from.

What's your travel fee?

My travel fee is $100 for North Carolina areas (50 miles outside of Raleigh) and $200 for South Carolina and Georgia.

How many outfits should i wear?

With my top collection, you'll be able to bring 3-4 outfits. This gives you a chance for a wide variety of styles that you love.

How far in advance should I book my senior session?

what is the two seasons session?


Raleigh | Atlantic Beach | Carolina Beach | Charleston | Hilton Head

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